What is a Panelized Building System

Panelized construction involves the building of individual walls, or wall sections of a new home (or new section of a remodeled home), in a factory- controlled environment.

Factory-built wall panelizing systems offer added efficiency and quality control…

Traditional “Stick-framing” is done outdoors with green lumber delivered to a job site; Panelized Construction (wall systems and framing) is done indoors using Kiln-Dried lumber, with the added efficiency and quality control provided by computer automation… state-of-the-art fabrication tables, production saws, automatic nail guns, forklifts, and engineering are used.

Volume purchasing cuts YOUR end line cost!
Factory building of panelized homes, cabins and buildings allows the manufacturer to purchase large volumes of lumber, sheathing, windows and doors, insulation, drywall, siding and roofing materials.  Volume purchasing offers significant costs savings as compared to materials purchased for individual “site-framed homes, and this cost efficiency is passed along to the individual home buyer/builder.

Putting the wall panels together on the job site is made easy…
As each wall section or panel is built, it is marked with a number code that corresponds with the individual home plan. This assures accuracy in placement when panels are delivered to the building site and assembled by the owner-builder, their contractors or framing crews.

“Lock-up Stage” can be quickly reached, saving time, labor and costs!
Since most of the framing and sheathing is done before the material is delivered to the site, a weather-tight panelized shell can finished in several days (time depends on the size of the building and the number of workers – usually a crew of 4), as opposed to several months with “stick framing”.  As a result, construction loan interest rates, labor costs, exposure ( to damaging elements such as rain and snow), material waste or theft and framing errors are greatly reduced.

The “Open Panel” is the most common panelized system used…
While several types of wall panels are produced, the ” open panel” is most common – it’s what we use with Pacific Modern Homes and Nelson Homes packages. Exterior walls typically have the plywood or OSB sheathing applied.  Having all of the time-consuming construction already completed substantially reduces the need for large job site labor requirements. Interior panels are left open for wiring, plumbing, heating and on-site inspection. An added benefit to ” Open frame panels” is that this method is conducive to custom designs and will accommodate on-site change orders issued during construction.

The “bottom line” is...
Panelization is a superb choice for Owner-Builders and private construction or building companies.

Buyers experience a shorter start-to-finish construction cycle time, with enhanced quality and substantial cost controls – including the opportunity to save on construction loan interest rates.

Since panelization uses standard “stick-built” frame construction, the home buyer has the freedom to customize the home to their specific needs.

The impact of material costs, material waste, theft, labor availability, construction errors and the damaging effects of weather is minimized during the construction process of a panelized building system.

The popularity and use of panelized construction has soared nationwide in recent years, and its use in all areas and types of construction is expected to grow even faster in the Twenty First Century.

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