We  have tried to anticipate common building questions you might have about Pacific Modern Homes and to provide the answers here. If you need additional information please contact us.

1. What does American Home Source do?
American Home Source is Southern California’s licensed representative for Pacific Modern Homes, Inc.  We supply panelized home framing packages designed for the Owner/Builder.  PMHI has manufactured quality panelized home framing, built in a controlled factory environment since 1968.

We can assist you in all of the phases of your project.  We offer in house real estate and financing services.  We can help you with your floor plans and working drawings.  In addition we can guide you through the permit process, preparing the site and erecting the building.  Additionally, we offer contractor services for the foundation, sub-floor build up, and the erection of the package in our local area.

2. What is a “packaged” or “panelized” or “pre-cut” home?
Pacific Modern Homes packages are a traditionally framed home.  A packaged home is one that is built off-site, transported to the site and erected on a previously built foundation.  The wall sections are built in a factory environment allowing for better quality control.  Standard building practices and current Building Codes are followed.  A packaged home is not a modular, or mobile home.  We do manufacture/pre-frame the wall sections in a factory environment allowing for better quality control and a shorter construction time on your site.

3. What is the difference between a Pacific Modern Home and a contractor built home?
There is no difference between a contractor built home and a pre-cut or packaged home in terms of the construction process.  There is a difference in that a packaged home is built in a factory environment, all of the framing is cut the same and all of the nailing is the same.  The assembly line process guarantees consistency in the product.  Pacific Modern Homes also uses the best available materials.  Your home panels arrive dry as a result and there is little or no shrinkage.  Your job site will have little waste to pick up from the package.

4. What are the benefits of using Pacific Modern Homes package?
Using a Pacific Modern Homes package is the most cost effective method of construction.  A package allows you to be an owner-builder.  You may do some or all of the work, or hire sub-contractors directly to keep your building costs down.  Since the wall panels are constructed in a controlled environment, you have a higher quality of building and less job waste.  Panelized wall framing allows for a shorter construction time frame and reduces the downtime from inclement weather.

5.  What do the packages include?
The Pacific Modern Homes package includes the exterior dry Douglas Fir walls with sheathing or siding, interior stud framed walls, building paper, Milgard Classic dual pane windows, exterior ThermaTru doors, engineered roof trusses, roof sheathing, second floor joists and sheathing and all of the hardware to create a lockable shell.  Sales tax and freight from the yard to the building site are not included.

6. May I make changes to the standard plans or may I design my own plan?
Our standard plans can have some revisions.  Please contact us to discuss the changes you are interested in making and we will verify the feasibility of the changes with our draftsperson and engineer.  If you would rather create your own plan, we offer drafting and engineering services.  Many of the homes we deliver are custom homes and a representative from American Home Source will be happy to help you with your project.  If you have plans already, we can provide you with a quote for a framing package from your plans.

7. What does it cost to complete the construction of these houses?
Construction costs vary depending on the contractor, the area you are building in, the amount of work which you can complete yourself or sub-contract and the finish materials you choose.  In addition to the foundation, subfloor, roof, and finishing the package price does not include the lot or property development (grading, septic, well, power, driveway, permits, etc.) or the tax and freight.  An estimate from foundation to finish for a turn-key project (using a general contractor) is approximately $160 (& up) per square foot.  The cost if one acts as an owner/builder utilizing sub-contractors is approximately $110 to $120 per square foot.  A representative from American Home Source will be able to help you with a budget and an estimate from foundation to finish.

8. What are the tax and freight costs?
The tax on the framing package is based on the tax rate for the county you are building in.  The freight is based on the mileage from the factory in Sacramento to the property and the number of trucks necessary for delivery based on the size of your home.  A Grade All is sent with all deliveries to unload the trucks and every attempt is made to place the pallets as close to the desired location as possible. It is advantageous to have your foundation and sub-floor completed prior to delivery but this is by no means a requirement.

9. Can you deliver to my area?
Yes, Pacific Modern Homes is able to deliver any where in the world.  The framing will be built to your local building codes.

10. How much will my permits cost?
Permits and fees vary by county and parcel number.  You may contract your local building department for the county you are building in, provide your address or assessor’s parcel number and they can provide you with the necessary information.  You may need to contact other agencies to obtain sewer and water hook-up fees and school, road and fire department fees.

11. How long does it take for the package to be delivered?
First, you contract for the plans to be drawn specifically for your site.  (Please contact us for the price of the plans which depends on whether you are using one of our standard plans, a modified version or custom plans of your own design.)  Plans take generally 4 to 8 weeks depending on the season and modifications for Signature Series plans and 10 to 12 weeks for custom plans.

Once you have received your fully engineered wet-stamped plans you may submit these plans along with your site plan and Title 24 to your local building department.  The length of time for plan check varies from one building department to the next.  Additionally, each department has different requirements for submittal and it is best to check early to see what your local department requires.

While your home is in for plan check, we can begin to talk about a date for the delivery of your package allowing time for your foundation and sub-floor to be completed.  Typically we need approximately 6 weeks lead time for the delivery of the package depending on the season.

12. Do you have contractors to put your packages up?
The package is designed for simplicity with the Owner/Builder in mind.  The instructions are very clear.  Many of our packages have been erected by the purchaser.  Additionally, any framing contractor will be able to erect our framing packages.  Also you may check with your local county builder association/exchange.

However, if you are building in our area, we have a crew that can build your foundation and sub-floor and erect the basic package to a closed in shell.  Our work is supervised by a licensed general contractor and is done on a bid based on your plans.

Additionally, we offer full Construction Management Services to assist our Owner/Builder clients by Tony Exposito  (California State License 491848) who has more than 25 years of construction experience.  Tony’s extensive experience in working with clients to build their dreams makes him immensely qualified to offer guidance and assistance to our Owner/Builder clients.  Tony’s services are offered at an hourly basis as needed by the client and can include from the initial selection of the lot through filing the Notice of Completion and all of the steps in between.

13. How long does it take to put one of these houses up?
Typically for an average one story 2000 square foot house, the wall package can be erected in a matter of days.  The estimated completion time from foundation to move in is about 4 months.  Needless to say, this time frame can vary tremendously depending on the experience of the builder and whether or not this is a full time job or just a weekend project.

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