I must say that I am extremely satisfied with American Home Source from top to bottom.  The money I saved and the quality of the house that I built both met and exceeded my expectations.  Whether through their knowledge in building or through financials expertise, Paul, Daryl and Stephen like the field in which they work and it is obvious. Their personal touch is one of honesty and integrity, a rare quality in today’s world.
I consider them friends, not just people who provided a service.  I honesty feel that anyone who wants to build a home is better off working with American Home Source, whether it be to build dream home or to build a good quality house (s) for investment.

(Scotty’s letter was actually 2 pages long so we just printed the last paragraph.  Thank you Scotty for the awesome testimonial about American Home Source and Nelson Homes.  We really appreciate it.)

~Scotty Van Antwerp

When my wife and I decided it was time to remodel, we spent over one year researching in preparation for the complex work ahead.  We compared traditional stick framing to panelized houses, and quickly recognized the numerous advantages to using a panelized system.  From cost, to rapid scheduling, faster build time, reduced waste, and clean, straight and dry wood – there wasn’t a instance where stick framing held an edge over the panelized system.

After a phone call and several visits to the American Home Source office – Roxanne and I opted for a custom house of our design, and built through American Home Source and Nelson Homes.

American Home Source was easy to deal with, helping with many insights about building and financing our dream home.  Given the hectic and sometimes chaotic nature of a complete home remodel, working with Paul & Daryl and the staff at American Home Source was joy (especially when they’d stop by with a cold drink after we’d endured a long hot day)!

~Tim and Roxanne Grizzle, Glendora, CA